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Model Box

Model Box "1 Loco Box" - Set of 8

Model Box "1 Loco Box" - Set of 8

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Designed from the ground up to be the best possible.
Our model storage box contains multiple improvements on similar products that were or are in the market.
The  physical dimension 10cm x 35cm x 6cm is exactly the same width and height of our standard boxes allowing for easy stacking.
The box contains a single to store locos or rolling stock either to protect your precious models to take to a running day or in transit as they ship to a new owner. 
Top and bottom of box fit precisely to prevent downward crushing when stacked.
Carefully designed, CNC precision cut slots fit most HO/OO rolling stock and locomotives while protecting the fine details on your valuable models including mirrors, air horns etc.
Midnight coloured specialty foam will look cleaner for longer - avoiding stains from oils and rail grime which discolours other light coloured products. Significant effort was expended in establishing the optimal density of the foam to provide both maximum cushioning for your models as well as maintaining its shape even when the box is not fully populated.
Long lasting, oil safe foam won’t perish or stick to your models over the long haul.
5mm sheet of foam included to protect the top with a full complement of foam fill which you can cut to size for your models, if you prefer, to protect them from any chance of knocking together or against the sides of the box while in transport.


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